Alexis Scott Photography
Alexis with her husband James at Garden of the Gods (Taken by Jessica Edwards Photography)

Alexis with her husband James at Garden of the Gods (Taken by Jessica Edwards Photography)

About the Photographer

Hiya, my name is Alexis Scott. I’m from Southern Illinois (the land of “ope”) and I have a wild house full of fur babies. Besides photography, I enjoy traveling the world with my high school sweetheart and I’m open to trying anything once. (Well, mostly anything. I’d like to think I have an open mind to everything.) I have always enjoyed art in its various forms, but I never considered myself “artistic” by any means until I picked up a camera. I find it funny that photography turned out to be that one thing I ended up sticking with and really enjoying. Growing up I hated being in front of the camera; I even went as far to avoid them as much as possible. I guess the only way to truly hide from a camera is to be the one taking the shots.

When I think about a pivotal moment in my photography career one snowy January day comes to mind. I was a freshman in high school and it had just snowed the night before. Looking outside, I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful and white the snow looked. A girl who was a good friend of mine during this time was with me and I had an idea. Since my mom had recently purchased a nice camera (one which I had decided to borrow for the day), it only felt right to take some photos. It’s strange to think back on that day because I remember it so clear. Even though I always had trouble making my ideas reality, at that moment in time everything was vivid. I would have my friend wear a white lacy dress while holding a bouquet of white flowers. With her all dressed up, I had her stand out in the snow and take some pictures. The photos I took turned out exactly as I had imagined. It was so satisfying seeing my work I’ll never forget it; that wonderful feeling when one can make their vision a reality makes every photograph I take worth it.

Years passed and yet photography would call out to me again one fateful spring day. I found myself with an idea, one I decided to make happen with the very camera I had used all those years ago. It was definitely the second (first would be marrying James :D) best decision in my life. Photography has become a very important outlet for me, giving me the ability to connect with those around me and creating something beautiful.

I see beauty in everyone and I want to share that beauty with the world.